The future of medical marijuana distribution

I’ve been wondering how long before medical marijuana wound up in pharmacies.

Well I found this on Leafly.

Aphria, the Ontario-based licensed cannabis producer, announced earlier today that it has entered into an agreement to become a medical cannabis supplier to Shoppers Drug Mart.

So this looks like it has a good chance at being the future of medical marijuana in Canada.
Shoppers Drug Mart -Ontario Canada
(bargainmoose/Flickr Creative Commons)

A small team of executives from Shoppers is said to have been touring the sites of medical-marijuana growers over the past several months, holding talks with several of the 29 federally licensed producers. Reached Tuesday, a spokeswoman for Shoppers Drug Mart said the company sees pharmacies as a logical option for selling the drug.

“Pharmacists are medication experts and play a significant role in the prescribing and monitoring of medication to ensure safe and optimal use,” spokeswoman Tammy Smitham said. “We believe that dispensing medical marijuana through pharmacy, like other medications, is the safest option.”

For now, the discussions involve medical marijuana, but the talks come as the federal government is planning to eventually legalize the drug for recreational use. Supply deals with some of the country’s largest legal grow operations, and a license to distribute the product in pharmacies, could position Shoppers as a major national force should legalization occur.

It makes sense. If you want to classify marijuana as medicine, shouldn’t it be distributed like other medications?